giovedì 25 giugno 2015

Libertin Louison. An Unexepeted Fashion Show.

"Vain trifles as they seem, clothes have, they say, more important offices than merely to keep us warm. They change our view of the world and the world's view of us."

Libertin Louison Couturier, in collaboration with Infinity Agency,

has the pleasure to invite

to the launch of the Libertin Louison Haute Couture fashion line.

With a modern view on fashion, the presentation of LL Winter 2016 will be in streaming, exclusively on

Don't miss this Exclusive Fashion Show. 
Be on line at 3pm is a must. 


Starting his career as a fashion designer in Paris in 1999, Belgian born Libertin Louison quickly gained popularity attracting celebrity clientele with his clothing collection that interplays elegance with stirring romanticism. Before long, he was invited to join the prestigious haute couture federation in 2003, due to his innate capability to craft garments with dramatic silhouettes in sumptuous use of fabrics, from silk to leather, from cashmere to linen. Creating sombre yet dramatic pieces, his avant-garde sensibility garnered favourable reviews and would draw celebrity clients to his fold. 

Taking a 12 years hiatus from the rigueur of fashion, Louison Libertin had time to contemplate on his philosophy, his perspective, and his passions. In this moment of reflection he came to see the profound value of each day, the grandeur of time, and to mark the passing of time. In this reverie, he studied in France at one of the highly prestigious and elite schools of perfumes in Paris at « Cinquième Sens » and he developed a range of perfumes, scented candles and cosmetic line under the title « Technique Indiscrete ». Notably, Louison distinguishes himself as the only designer in Belgium who is both a certified ‘nose’ and a couturier who produces his own perfumes in his atelier and makes his own clothes by his own hand. His perfume and cosmetic range, inspired by poetry, philosophy, art, and dreams, has attracted celebrity clients such as Tilda Swinton, Jodie Foster, John Galliano, Brigitte Fontaine, Florence Welsh of Florence+the Machines, and Mika. 

Now with an established perfume company under his belt, Louison will branch back into haute couture in his individual way. Integrating his values as a vegan and a naturalist into his work, Louison believes that we are to be the guardians of the earth with the responsibility to reduce the suffering to animals, insects, trees, and plants. Man will evolve and transcend to another level of consciousness living in balance with the elements of earth. In reverence to nature and life, his new women’s wear collection is inspired by the beauty of floral shapes, reinterpreting elegance, brushed with idealism. Fabrics are draped, worn loose, or layered to create lightness and lithe fluidity of femininity. Graceful silhouettes are gently sculpted following the form lightly. The cut of the cloth are elongated with dramatic gathers, dips, twists and twirls. Jersey pullovers are accentuated with defined knitted cuffs. Recycled leather is refurbished classically, but is modernized with overtly chunky shapes. Proudly produced in the region, in Belgium or France, the collection captures the nuance and the boldness of flowers in luxurious wools, silks, and cotton in a melange of dark greys and blacks, imbued with earth tones. Playing with a sombre palette, the design plays and twists simple silhouettes with beautiful handwork featuring applied shapes and embroidered details. 

At the root of the collection is the chemist/philosopher Antoine Laurent de Lavoisier’s maxim that states nothing is lost, nothing is created, and everything is transformed. Louison believes in sustainable materials and recycling. As a vegan, the collection will be entirely free of new leather, free of fur, and other animal derived materials. Recycled leather will be incorporated to transform it and to give life once again. A strong connection to the earth is central. His devotion to nature and animals now inspires all his life activity and work. With maturity, Louison feels that fashion can be slow, can endure, and can be seasonless. 

The Libertin Louison brand strives to be ethereally dramatic, discretely bold and most of all to be ethical. The Libertin Louison clothing line appeals to forward thinking, romantic, strong fearless woman, who embraces simplicity above complexity, who is stylish yet responsible.


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domenica 7 giugno 2015

Infinity Agency goes to Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture with Libertin Louison.

Infinity Agency is very pleased to announce the new collaboration with Libertin Louison Couture.

10th July 2015
Press presentation 12h - 18h
Live presentation and Cocktail Party  18h - 21h ... 

Sens Unique 
13 Rue du Roi de Sicile 
75004 Paris 

For invitation & DP